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Miss Vietnam Global - 2007

We're very proud to be sponsoring Lyndzi Phuong Trang for the Miss Vietnam Global - 2007 pageant. Lyndzi has been involved with the Vietnam Library Association setting up a new affiliate fundraising group in California. She's taking a break from her efforts on our behalf to compete in this year's pageant.

We're also pleased to be working with MFC Media Entertainment and to be supporting their mission to promote cultural pride and social activism in young Vietnamese women from around the world.

As one of a very small number of contestants Lyndzi will be championing our work and trying to raise awareness for us while also trying to carry home the crown. We wish her luck with both!

MFC Media Entertainment, through the Miss Vietnam Global event, is walking a very delicate line. While they are of course looking to host an exciting, world-class entertainment event, and they are glorifying physical grace and beauty with their contestants, flash and glamour are not all they are about.

An important part of the MVG experience is bringing these young women together form across the world and unifying them in one event. It is a chance for diverse members of a world community which was scattered by years of war to come together and represent their country and their culture. It is their opportunity to show their quality both through grace and beauty and through thoughtfulness and passion for leaving a mark on their world.

Having the chance to get up on a stage in front of 6,000 people, not including those who will view this event on DVD for years to come, is a powerful platform to have. It is, arguably, a once-in-a-lifetime moment and we are touched that Lyndzi has decided to use her moment to help us bring knowledge and hope to the families and southern Vietnam.

Please visit some of the links below to learn more about the event, and considering attending it if you're in the area and cheer Lyndzi on.


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