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Our leadership team met for the first time while working together as volunteers. It was partially because of their prior work for other non-profits that they decided to found the Vietnam Learning Association. Giving, whether in time or money, is addictive. Especially in today’s world where many jobs feel unsatisfying, it is gratifying to make a real difference to people who truly need help.

According to the US Census Bureau: More than 65 million people did volunteer work in 2005, devoting a median of 50 hours a year to religious, educational and other activities.

While 50 hours a year may not seem like much to some people, those hours represent the difference between charities successfully promoting change, and being unable to help those they wish to. Volunteering is not about volume, it’s about acting on your desire to help make a difference. To, in our case, bring lasting opportunity to children and families through access to books and desperately needed services.

If you can only give one hour a week, that is one more hour being spent on improving the lives of others than would have been without your decision to promote change.

The ultimate success of our organization will depend on the many combined hours of our volunteers, and on the students, business people, parents, who help educate others about our efforts, and bring in the donations which allow us to do our work.

There are many ways in which you can help, and every hour you give to us is extremely valuable. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Host A Fundraising Event

Maybe you want to help make a big difference, but you cannot personally give a large contribution. Consider hosting a fundraising party at your home, or a local community center. If you’re at a school or university, there are often spaces made available for free for such events. We’ll make printed materials, and digital slide shows available for you to use.

We cannot be everywhere, and even with our best efforts will never be able to involve as many people as we would like with our organization. You can help us by distributing the effort and reaching concerned people in your area.

CLICK HERE for more information

Spread The Word

Perhaps you know of a business, or you work for a business which would be interested in knowing about what we do, and potentially making a donation. Maybe you have a contact in the media who might be interested in speaking to us? Or maybe you don’t have the time you would like to dedicate to helping us fund raise, but you know the perfect person for the job. Introductions to the right people can help an organization more effective.

CLICK HERE to download a trifold flyer with information about the Vietnam Learning Association that you can share with your friends, family, or coworkers.

Create A Local VLA  “Affiliate”

If this is definitely the organization for you, and you want to have a large role in making us successful, you may want to start up a local affiliate. You would then work to organize volunteers in your area and launch fundraising events to support the VLA.

CLICK HERE for more information.

Volunteer For A Specific Need:


  • There is a terrible shortage of trained librarians in Vietnam and especially in the region where we are working.

  • It is our intention to develop our own program for training a semi-professional librarian workforce. To give them the basic skills they need to operate the libraries.

  • As part of this program we will support continuing education leading towards formal training in the Library Sciences at the nearest university.

  • We need to find qualified people here in the US with training as librarians and with an ability to read and write in Vietnamese at a high enough level to help create training materials and documentation.

  • If you have the skills we're looking for, and a desire to make a lasting difference in the lives of south Vietnamese families, then please contact us about this program.
  • Perks will include a yearly trip to Vietnam to help hire and train librarians and evaluate current efforts


  • Our final blueprints need to be developed in country. But you can help us get it as close as possible before we send them. We know there is much more that goes into designing a building than initial vision and we can use your help to build the best libraries possible.

Vietnamese Translators

  • We're translating all our web content into Vietnamese. There is a great deal of correspondence exchanged between our people here and in Viet Nam.

  • Emails, letters, legal documents; and all need to be written in two languages.

  • Help by relaying the occasional email, translating a web page, or translating a document in your free time.

Web Designers / Coders

  • We can always use help with keeping our site in tip-top shape. Creating backend integration and making pieces for the web pages will be an ongoing need.

Grant Writers

  • If you have previous experience writing grant applications, and you would like to help us with our grant writing we would love to hear from you

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