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Giá trị của một cuốn sách được đo bằng những kiến thức mà bạn đã học hỏi và thi hành từ trong sách.

- James Bryce

Becoming Involved

Most people wish to make a difference. Few of us can look at the great inequalities which exist in our world and not be touched, not want to help.

Especially in the United States, we’re taught from an early age to aim for the “big change”, the “grand gesture” and we come to think that unless we can effect large change we really cannot make a significant difference. When we do reach out through donations, or volunteerism, there can be a great disconnect between our efforts and perceiving any effects. Who, honestly, was helped by our $50 donation to the United Way? It feels like a drop in the bucket.

But the only way to affect large-scale change is through a great number of people all doing something small. Not adequately conveying the positive affects of donations and volunteer efforts is a failing of the organizations who are being helped, not those willing to give time and money. We feel it is our responsibility to encourage our donors by demonstrating the direct cause and effect benefit of their generosity.

If you’re willing to give us an hour out of your life to help the children and families in Viet Nam get access to libraries, then we’re determined to find ways for your time to have the most value. Whether it is through fundraising, outreach, translation, or web design, your desire to help is not a small thing; it has great value, both to our organization, and to the people your time will allow us to help.

If you can help by becoming a donor your money will directly support the building of libraries, the salaries of librarians, the purchasing of books, and the availability of services. Each US dollar you give us has a great affect in Viet Nam. $2 will buy a hard cover book that in this country would cost $30. $50 will fill a shelf. These are purchases with lasting value. Each library will offer immeasurable opportunity to the community it serves for many years to come.

Please take the time to explore our web site for the different ways you can make a tangible difference in the lives of these communities, and choose a way to help that works best for you, confident that no contribution is a small or meaningless one. Thank you for your help.

Adopt A Library

An individual, group, or business can choose to adopt a library project, fund the ongoing expenses of a library, or both.

If you have donated to other organizations in the past, and wondered what exactly your donation accomplished, then this is the most direct way to see your contribution in action. We will be building libraries to different scales sized to best support their communities so you have the opportunity to fund a project at a scale you are comfortable with. The library we are currently working on is the largest of the free-standing libraries we'll be building, but there will be four styles in all:

  • Large Main library for rural areas; around 2,500 sq feet - $40,000 (click here to view)

  • Smaller Branch library for rural areas; 1,200 sq ft. - $20,000

  • Large Main library for towns; 3,000 sq ft. - $45,000

  • Smaller Branch town library for towns; 1,500 sq ft. - $25,000

Perhaps you would like to fund a section of books, a meeting room, children's reading area, educational garden, eyeglasses program, cafe', or computer lab? There are many ways you an help, and all are equally important and necessary.

Whichever route you choose, we’ll set up a web page just for you where you can see pictures of the construction progress, the people in the community, and the finished library. We’ll even assist in communicating with the children and families you’ll be helping.

Monetary Donation

It may sound mercenary, but honestly, without your generous contributions we would be unable to build any libraries, or offer services to those who would most benefit. We need your help to bring hope and opportunity to the families in southernmost Viet Nam.

CLICK HERE for more information on making a donation.


The ultimate success of our organization depends on the efforts of our volunteers, and on the students, business people, and parents, who help educate others about our efforts, and bring in the donations which allow us to do our work.

CLICK HERE for more information on volunteering with the Vietnam Learning Association.

Host A Fundraising Event

Maybe you want to help make a big difference, but you cannot personally give a large contribution. Consider hosting a fundraising party at your home, or a local community center.

CLICK HERE for more information

Tourist Philanthropy

Traveling to Viet Nam as part of a group? Consider funding a project in conjunction with your visit and come to the town and meet the people you'll be helping as part of your trip.

Ten people can build a library for the cost difference between Coach and Business, or for the difference between Business and First Class.

  • Cost for 10 people flying Coach - $13,760
  • Cost for 10 people flying Business - $67,502
  • Cost for 10 people flying First Class - $114,662           

Buy A Book - Give A Book

Are you a bookstore owner looking for a way to make a difference? Consider donating 2% of your proceeds for a weekend to the Vietnam Learning Association. We'll advertise for you on our web site and through our network of volunteers and donors. At 2% each book you sell will buy a book in Viet Nam; and you get a tax break at the same time.

Contact us about the program at: buyabook@vietnamlibrary.org

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